Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Going to the moon

I hadn't heard anything about it before, but at the library I happened to see a newspaper article about how the 'grey beards' from the Appollo program being tapped to help with NASA's new program to go back to the moon by 2020. Some thoughts immediately ran through my head. First was,"It's about time." Personally I consider our neglect of space and particularly the moon over the last three decades to be one of the best examples of 'no vision' going. Second was "Why 15 years when it didn't take us that long to go from 'never out of the atmosphere' to 'all the way to the moon' the first time." And third was "I wonder what it will feel like to ask Beijing's permission for landing when we get there?" After all some time ago China declared their intention of being on the moon by 2010 and I see no reason to believe they won't do it. After all it is hardly even 'rocket science' anymore and if you are a bit cavalier about life it is even easier. It is hard to see how, if China maintains the intent, they could possibly fail to make it by then and it should be easily within their abilities to put a more or less permanently manned base there in the next five years or certainly ten years. Were I them I would do it just for the propaganda points.

But there are other reasons. And I wondered, back when they made their intentions clear, why it did not cause more concern. Can you think of anyone you would less like to have in position to hurl big stones down at you.?

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Real Life Mimics Art

I was coming home from work today when this lady with a real tiny little dog passed by in front of me. The little pooch was moving along on his leash in front of the lady , not pulling or lagging on the leash, and looking around interestedly at me and everything else it was passing by. The lady herself was talking on her cell phone and paying attention to nothing else particularily. The contrast was interesting and certainly did bring to mind the question of which was in charge. But the thing that really hit me was that the dogs little 4 inch legs were moving so rapidly back and forth that they actually blurred into near invisibility as they neared the ground. It looked exactly like a cartoon. I don't think I have ever seen that effect in real life before.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

These things are strange.

I wonder how anybody will ever find my blog? I wonder why any one would ever find my blog? I have another one now because i wanted to comment on one I found but the only way they would let me comment is if I signed up with them so I did. What should I do? Keep dual blogs? I should think that would get old pretty quick.

How do these things work?

Well so far I have found this to be a bit insular. Went cruising around the great blog world and discovered that while I could find a lot of interesting stuff Ii couldn't comment on the ones I wanted to because you had to be a blog holder of that particular site to comment on its blogs. Ya like I want to have dummy blogs all over the universe just so Ii can comment on interesting blogs I find! For instance Ii wanted to say Hello to this guy, Old Goat Jim, and found that I had to have blog there to do so. I wonder if this is true for my blog also. I did get two comments right away but one was a probable porn site and the other was an offer to show me how to make money with my blog. Since they came about 15 minutes after I posted my first blog I can only imagine that they must be the work of a robot or two. So now I wonder. Can anyone who isn't a blogger with comment on my site even if they find it and want to?

Crochtety Ol Goat

For the first time ever I complained about a ridiculous situation on the public throughfares to the official body in charge and it actually worked. The next morning the situation was corrected. I might take up 'offcial bitching' more often I suppose. However it did make me feel a bit like a crochtety old goat so maybe I won't. Weird isn't it how much we will put up with just to seem 'tolerant' to our fellow man?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wal-Mart Bashing

Well bashing things seems to be a lot of what goes on in blogs. But for the most part I agree with those who say "So if you don't like it, don't work or shop there." Of course it is kind of a pain when a company claims to be something special in its products or the way it treats its employees and it isn't. As far asI can see though Wal-mart hasn't done anything that is or should be illegal, except be generous with the self-praise. And the "High Cost of Low Prices"? Well how the heck else did you think they got em. The real question is how do they rank against the stores that treat their emplyees the same way and buy their stuff from asian sweat shops and sell for twice the price that Wal Mart does. I mean when Nike shoes are reported to cost $4.95 a pair landed, tax paid, boxed and ready for the store in California and yet sell for $60 to $160 a pair just how worked up can you be expected to get over WalMart's actions?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Alternate Energies

I was just at a blog, Ergosphere, I think and read some comments on alternate energy and conversation of energy etc. The writer seemed to be commenting at one point that hydrogen is all hype and is not efficient at all and infact very impractical. I would agree that it is not likely to be particularily efficient, but efficiency is not really the problem. There is lots of energy available in the world that is not currently used and simply 'goes to waste'. The problem is to convert this these energies into something that we can use when and where we actually need them without spreading environmental problems as we go. It would seem to me that hydrogen may well be an approach to solving those problems. Of course 'cost ' , monetary and otherwise, must be considered, but the major problem is really getting the energy where we need it. Electricity's big advantage is its mobility. Gasoline ( and other petroleum type products) also shine at relative mobility. Hydrogen holds the possibility of mobility even better than petroleum's. It can be 'burned' in situations where hydrocarbons cannot be used. It's emmisions are non-polluting. Granted it is somewhat harder to contain safely, though there are some methods available for that. If one remembers that strict energy efficiency is not particularily important; that it is monetary efficiency and ease of use that is really important, I believe that hydrogen does have a great potential.