Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Alternate Energies

I was just at a blog, Ergosphere, I think and read some comments on alternate energy and conversation of energy etc. The writer seemed to be commenting at one point that hydrogen is all hype and is not efficient at all and infact very impractical. I would agree that it is not likely to be particularily efficient, but efficiency is not really the problem. There is lots of energy available in the world that is not currently used and simply 'goes to waste'. The problem is to convert this these energies into something that we can use when and where we actually need them without spreading environmental problems as we go. It would seem to me that hydrogen may well be an approach to solving those problems. Of course 'cost ' , monetary and otherwise, must be considered, but the major problem is really getting the energy where we need it. Electricity's big advantage is its mobility. Gasoline ( and other petroleum type products) also shine at relative mobility. Hydrogen holds the possibility of mobility even better than petroleum's. It can be 'burned' in situations where hydrocarbons cannot be used. It's emmisions are non-polluting. Granted it is somewhat harder to contain safely, though there are some methods available for that. If one remembers that strict energy efficiency is not particularily important; that it is monetary efficiency and ease of use that is really important, I believe that hydrogen does have a great potential.


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