Sunday, November 20, 2005

How do these things work?

Well so far I have found this to be a bit insular. Went cruising around the great blog world and discovered that while I could find a lot of interesting stuff Ii couldn't comment on the ones I wanted to because you had to be a blog holder of that particular site to comment on its blogs. Ya like I want to have dummy blogs all over the universe just so Ii can comment on interesting blogs I find! For instance Ii wanted to say Hello to this guy, Old Goat Jim, and found that I had to have blog there to do so. I wonder if this is true for my blog also. I did get two comments right away but one was a probable porn site and the other was an offer to show me how to make money with my blog. Since they came about 15 minutes after I posted my first blog I can only imagine that they must be the work of a robot or two. So now I wonder. Can anyone who isn't a blogger with comment on my site even if they find it and want to?


Anonymous Adrienne said...

I can comment!

1:01 PM  

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