Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hmmm It seems the Little book incident

Hmmm… It seems the ‘Little Red Book’ orderer was making the story up. No real big bad ‘men in black’ involved.  New Bedford, Southcoast Today   Ahh but let us be truly paranoid. Which time was he lying? Personally I opt for the idea that he was gotten to on his ‘retreat’ to western Mass. Long live paranoia!

Of course the truly unfortunate thing is that the case against the administrations apparent freewheeling use of  ‘no warrant’ eavesdropping did not depend on the veracity of this story in anyway but will be hurt by this incident. The President’s own words, if perchance he actually knew what he was saying, should be more than enough to cause an investigation and possible sanctions up to and including impeachment.


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