Friday, December 09, 2005

Stupidity and impatience

The other day, ( last week actually) stupidity and impatience nearly did me in. I decided to push a crossing light because the traffic was stopped in both directions and they would all see me as soon as I started across the intersection and stay stopped until I cleared . And it probably would have worked that way except that I hadn't realized that one lane was clear so a vehicle coming up in that lane saw it had the green light but didn't see me and we met. I met a “Coastie” which wouldn't be so bad but she was in a Jeep Cherokee doing about 30 at the time. Anyhow, it wrecked my bike and bruised the holy bejesus out of my leg. Luckily I was apparently on the up stroke so the bumper hit me mid-calf instead of in the knee!
Anyway I am out a bike and a friend at work said she had one she didn't ever use and it was nearly new and I could have it for nothing and she would bring it in to work as soon as she could get it unlocked from where she locked it up but she forgot the combination and her neighbor said he would bring his bolt cutters home from work and cut it loose but it has been three days since she said I could have it and it still locked up unused and I am getting impatient again.

Sometimes I think stupidity must be the one constant in the human condition!


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