Sunday, December 18, 2005

There is a controversy

There is a controversy going on right now about the kind of monitoring of phone calls, emails etc that President Bush has “authorized” over the past four years. His own statements have made it sound like he “authorized” monitoring of “U.S. persons” by NSA within the U.S. The problem is that he has no such authority to authorize any such thing. And the strange thing is that there really is no need for him to do so. There is provision for a secret court to give warrants. Why not just go to them like they are supposed to? Could it be because they really don’t have enough cause to get a warrant from even their own handpicked secret judge? And when their surveillance sends two agents to question a university student whose only questionable activity was to order a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book via intra-library loan, you have to figure that could well be the case, no?


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