Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Wasteland

Read an article this morning about internet TV. It was entitled "Edgy Internet TV helps writers reach mainstream" and was mainly about a site I checked it out and can only say this. If this is helping writers and producers catch the eye of mainstream television, then it is certainly no wonder mainstream TV has such a proclivity to "suck rocks." I saw nothing but juvenile parodies with comedy(?) that does not even come close to South Park's questionable standards. South Park's primary claim to fame is the willingness to go where even devils, to say nothing of angels, fear to tread, but without some real relationship to our lives, or at least 'dream lives', that stuff wears out even faster than Howard Stern. What I saw on could best be described as ultra-cheap, low-grade, shlock-jock junk. TV producers please look elsewhere!


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