Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What should America's Role be in the world?

I want to say thanks to Brian Westbye and his article "questions for the common man". The title of this article is one of those questions. And one that we could stand to have a bit of discussion on, I think. I am Asking not Telling, but I have some ideas.
I think we should be defenders of the weak.
I think that to be effective at that we must be strong.
Strong enough to pay the cost of providing harbor for the weak.
Strong enough enough to say no to those who would abuse us.
Strong enough to say yes to those who would join us.
Strong enough to pay the cost of finding the right thing to do.
Strong enough to pay the cost of doing the right thing.

Frankly we have not demonstrated any of those strengths as country for a long time. Probably since the second world war. Our record there was far from perfect (look at what we did to our own who were not caucasian), but we did show that we could give on an individual level for the percieved common good.
Have we ever been perfect, will we ever be perfect? Of course not! But I think we were better once as a country and we can be again.


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