Sunday, April 02, 2006

National ID Cards

ID cards to be mandatory in U.K. by 2010

After reading the above article and some of the responses to it I decided that I should say my piece.

I think the UK is not going anywhere near far enough and the US should take action too.

I believe that a personal identification number should be tatooed on our forearms at birth and a tracking chip implanted also; one that can be monitored via something like the cell phone system so that we are never out of contact with the authorities. Nothing is too good for our security! I think a little remote controlled bomb in our heads would be good also so that if someone is committing a crime that might endanger someone else or a cat or something, the authorities could stop them permanently without risk to themselves or any bystanders or trees or what not. There is never any reason why our government officials should not be able to locate any of us at any time they choose and kill us if we are being bad. Id cards are a waste of time and can get lost and require lots of extra expense. We have RFID chips and mini-explosive devices so the only sensible thing is to get right to the point.


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